Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super D Dooper Power

There are millions of super powers to choose from. Flying, invisibility, x- ray vision, shape shifting and many, many more. If you ask me those are all pretty great super powers to have, but there is only one that beats all of those and that is the power to freeze time!

Some of you are probably thinking something like, “WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY!” or, “THAT IS THE WORST POWER YOU COULD CHOSE!” Well, I used to think the exact same thing. I thought it was the most stupid power of all, but then I thought about it and came up with many reasons why it really is the best.

First, if you were ever in a tough situation where you didn't know what to do or had to think really fast, you could just pause the world instantly. Then as soon as you came up with the answer you could just quickly un- pause the world and say the answer. 

Second, if you were really angry at someone (if you are a teacher then you should just skip this paragraph) you could just pause the world and give them a good smacking. When you un- paused the world they would have no idea what just hit them. Also, if you were being attacked by someone, or another villain, you could just pause the world, hurt them and put them in a choke hold, and as soon as it came back to reality the villain would be done with. These are just two of the many, many reasons why the power to freeze time is the best.

If you still are not convinced........... then you have issues, because I thought long and hard about some amazing reasons and I think the power is super D dooper AWESOME.


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