Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Every Friday after 4th period everyone grabs there sweaters and blazers and heads off to the chapel. For some people it's one of the best parts of the day, but for most people it is a waste of time.

Instead of evensong being a break off of school, you have to go sit in an overheated chapel and listen to things that you don't find interesting at all. I would much rather have classes. I find in evensong, that when I do try to pay attention we seem to go over the same topic over and over again. Plus, we already spend 1 hour a week learning everything we need to know.

Another reason evensong is boring is because we can't ask questions. In every class we get to raise our hand and ask a question about something we don't understand. In evensong, if your confused then your out of luck. This makes learning in evensong a lot more difficult.

To conclude, I think evensong is a waste of time and that the time should be used for our regular class time schedule.


My Comment:


  1. Good points Brendan questions would be good. A question though is when you say: "Plus, we already spend 1 hour a week learning everything we need to know." Maybe you could specify on what we know! I think if you have questions maybe you should talk to Canon Hulse he'd listen and answer them. I think however since it is an Anglican school and hour is not bad. Otherwise great post can't wait to read your next one.

  2. Nice Job Brendan! I thought that this was an all around great job on the blog except that if you want to mention that: "We already spend an hour a week learning what we need to know," you should mention what you think we need more Evensong or R.K.? And if you think we should even have either one? Great job all around though

  3. I agree. It seems we can't get over the good samaritan parable!? I'm not sure if Canon Hulse can remember what he's told us or what he hasn't but he should at least bore us with something relatively new am I right?
    Good job on the post, and good points. I also think they should make half of even song normal and boring as it is, and the other have a big snack time with a table full of cookies and juice like after prize day, it would really replenish my train of thought for science the following period. Who knows, maybe we can make it happen. Think it over and get back to me.